Adding in distortion?

To Doug Schneider,

Just an update to my playback unit. In this move to computer playback and the drop-off of standalone CD players, I was quite happy with my Oppo BDP-83SE to use as an all-in-one player. However, in April, I took a chance and ordered the Oppo NuForce BDP-93NE. This has a $400 card inserted that creates second-order harmonic distortion. The designer (a lover of tubes) designed it to have a SET flavor. So it has a softer high end with the mids a bit more forward, but has a lovely timbre and is extremely easy to listen to for many hours. It easily surpassed the base BDP-83SE I had on its CD playback. The BDP-93NE really compels you to listen to the music itself. If you ever have a chance to hear the NuForce BDP-93NE or their BDP-93NXE, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Not everyone is ready to jump to PC playback yet and this unit does everything for me. It is quite a musical marvel.

Lloyd Smith

I find it very interesting that while most designers go to extremes to reduce distortion, from what you describe, in this case they add it in (albeit, a specific type). Your comments are certainly interesting. . . . Doug Schneider