Vivid, Joseph and Legacy

To Doug Schneider,

I contacted you earlier about the Vivid speakers you reviewed. I still did not find a dealer with the B1.

I am curious about the Joseph Audio Perspective and the Legacy Focus SE, both speakers you've heard.

What is the size of your audio room?

It would give me a better idea on your comments/reviews.

Thank you,
Basile Noel

You're wise to ask about rooms because it has a significant impact on the sound. My room is pretty large, about 36’ long and 18’ wide, but I only use the front half for listening, with the rest being office space. The speakers fire into the direction of that large, open space where I work. As a result, the speakers are given quite a bit of room to “breathe,” and the way I usually set them up way out in the room means that I’m hearing more about what the speakers are doing than the room’s contribution to the sound (although there’s always quite a bit of that in there no matter how large your room is).

My experience with Joseph Audio and Legacy speakers has only been at the shows so far, but I happened to be talking to Jeff Joseph at the recent Rocky Mountain Audio Fest and he agreed that the company would supply me with the Perspective to review. It hasn’t shown up here yet, but if it does you’ll see a full review in SoundStage! Hi-Fi with measurements done at NRC. . . . Doug Schneider