More measurements?

To Doug Schneider,

Have you, or are you planning, any further NRC measurements for loudspeakers, particularly affordable ones ($1000 to $2500 per pair)? If you have updated the list, where do I find it? All of your sites are bookmarked and I read regularly. Keep up the good work

Lawrence Holyk

We've been measuring speakers in the anechoic chamber at Canada's National Research Council (NRC) since the year 2000 and we have no plans to stop because it certainly gives us a huge competitive advantage -- to the best of our knowledge, no other publication in the world has access to a facility as good as this one. Speaker measurements are linked in the corresponding reviews, but the master list of them is available on the SoundStage! Network main site. The easiest way to remember, though, is to use this URL: . . . Doug Schneider