To S. Andrea Sundaram,

Yes, any discussion of digitizing vinyl needs quality information on how to set up a system, especially for a Windows operating system. I would like to see ADC equipment covered because I cannot find such reviews. Is using a turntable with a USB connection to the Windows system the best-quality method? What about inputting the signal directly through a soundcard? How can you determine which components in the chain of recording vinyl to the hard drive are most important for quality recordings?

Many have hundreds of vinyl-based recordings needing transfer to a mobile and quality format. Thanks for opening this subject!


The turntable, tonearm, and cartridge are probably the most important components when it comes to sound quality, but vinyl lovers will have already made those selections. Many will already have a phono stage as well. In that case, all that's left to consider is the analog-to-digital converter (ADC). An outboard unit will beat an internal soundcard in almost all instances, so that's where we will be focusing our efforts, as well as considering some combinations of phono preamplifiers and ADCs. The turntables with a built-in phono stage and USB connector are a convenient solution for those just getting started but don't seem to be targeted at the audiophile market. . . .S. Andrea Sundaram