To Doug Schneider,

Just want to commend you on a really excellent review [of the PSB Imagine T2]. You did a good job of describing how the speaker sounds and I appreciate the comparisons with the Synchrony One and the Focal speaker. Well written, too. So many reviews these days are hardly more than fluffy advertorials, but this was a real review. It makes me want to pick up a pair of T2s. Or should I get the Ones? :-)

Dan Rubin

I'm glad you enjoyed the review. For me, it's important that my reviews give enough information that a consumer can make an informed buying decision. Sometimes that means direct comparisons to competitive products, but other times it just means describing the product fully so that the reader can gather enough information even if he or she can't audition it.

I don't blame you for wanting a pair of T2s, or Ones. Which is best for you? As the review states, the Synchrony One is the better-built speaker, but the Imagine T2 is the cheaper one. Which one sounds better, though, will come down to personal preferences. . . . Doug Schneider