KEFs really a killer?

To Doug Schneider,

How good are the [the KEF LS50] speakers? Are they on the same level as the Vivid Audio speakers sound-wise? Is the bass performance good?

Thank you,


Insofar as speaker engineering goes, KEF of Britain has few, if any, peers. They've made some extremely good speakers over the many years they've been in business, and they seem to be making some of the best right now.

The LS50s we heard in Munich and reported on in our show report on SoundStage! Global (see "KEF's Killer Compact Monitor: The LS50") sounded astonishingly good for the price, with bass that was extremely impressive, given the speakers' small size. But these were the prototypes, not the production models, so we'll have to wait until we get our review pair to really know how good they are and how they measure up to competitors. Right now, all that we can really say is that the LS50 looks to be an extremely promising design. . . . Doug Schneider