Monitor Audio Upgrade?

To Aron Garrecht,

I enjoyed your review of the Monitor Audio Gold GX300 speakers. I currently have a pair of Axiom M80s. I had a chance to hear them in an audio/video shop and like them, but at $5500 a pair I am wondering how much better they are than the M80s.


Thank you for your feedback. I have not listened to the Axiom M80s for quite some time. In fact, if memory serves, the last version I heard was the M80 v2, so please keep this in mind while reading my response. With that said, what I do remember of the M80s was their clean, neutral midrange, and a genuinely forceful bottom end. Stacking the M80s up against the GX300s, I think you will notice a cleaner midrange, improved imaging, a much more refined top end, and less prominent but more accurate bottom end. Whether these improvements are worth a little over $4000 more, only you can answer. What I can tell you is that the GX300s are benchmark speakers with respect to build quality, and that a large portion of that extra cost is directly due to the cost of materials, both in the drivers and the new cabinets. I would recommend seeing if you can get a dealer to let you take a pair home and listen to them side by side with your M80s. . . . Aron Garrecht