Hegel or Bryston?

To Michael Wright,

I read with great concentration and expectation the various articles on amplifiers in your magazine. In particular I have chosen two: Bryston 4B SST² and Hegel Music Systems H20. The latter review of the H20 has tilted my decision to the Norwegian manufacturer. I would be very grateful if you could advise me on this choice between the H20 and the 4B SST². Many thanks.

Best regards,

Thanks for being a loyal SoundStage! Hi-Fi reader. We always like to hear from our readers and will gladly engage your questions.

The Bryston is a very fine amplifier -- it is extended at the frequency extremes, possesses a nice amount of detail and air, has very good dynamics, and can drive almost any speaker out there. In my opinion, the Hegel is a bit smoother, more musical, and more honest to the musical event. The Hegel's bass is not as strong as that of the Bryston, but its performance in that area is not far off. Its upper frequencies and midrange, to me, sound more natural. My personal preference would be for the Hegel. I hope this helps. . . . Michael Wright