Magico V2 with Nordost Frey

To Doug Schneider,

A quick question following your review of the Magico V2 I just read. I am about to buy them and wonder if they would go well with Nordost Frey interconnects. What would your opinion be?

Thanks for your reply.

Best wishes,
The Netherlands

Some reviewers might take a guess and tell you how well they think they might work, but I'm not one of them. Cables can make meaningful differences, but to know what those differences are requires experimentation in the system they're going to be used in. You're also asking about interconnects, not speaker cables, so that only makes matters worse -- anything I could say would be, at best, a wild guess. The only thing I can say is to give them a try once you have the speakers in your system and report back to us. . . . Doug Schneider