To Doug Schneider,

You have many sites. Is there any place I can find all the current updates?


There's not just one place -- there are three. If you go to our main portal site at or, you'll see a "Newest on the Network" newsfeed that shows all the newest updates with links to the articles. That newsfeed is one place, but it takes its feed from Twitter, which is another place that has all the updates. If you have a Twitter account, I suggest following us (@soundstagenet) so you'll be able to receive our updates on your Twitter feed. So that's another. This Twitter feed also updates our Facebook page, which is located at, so that's the third spot. If you have a Facebook account, simply "like" our Facebook page and you'll automatically see our updates appear in your Facebook newsfeed. The Facebook page also has photos of our reviewers' systems that we'll be updating regularly. . . . Doug Schneider