To Doug Schneider,

As a long-time owner of PMC speakers, I am not at all surprised that your review of the new twenty.24 model came out very positive. I am curious if you have listened to any of PMC´s larger three-way speakers? For example, the IB2i, which has the pro version of the midrange dome (the smaller three-ways in the i series have the consumer version, which is very good, but cannot match the pro version). If not, judging from your high praise of the resolution of the twenty.24, I think you are in for a shock if you listen to the IB2i.

I recently listened to the twenty.24 and the IB2i side by side and I can assure you that, as good as the twenty model is, it is like comparing a small Fiat with an Aston-Martin. The detail and transparency, bass capability, and coherency of the IB2i at any choice of loudness level is simply astounding and it will embarrass most of the ultra-extreme loudspeakers out there costing five times more.

Thank you,
Peter Ericsson

Thank you for this letter. Although I have heard other PMC speakers, it's only been at shows. But I was so impressed by the twenty.24 that we immediately requested another pair of their speakers to review after the review you read was published. What was suggested to us by their North American distributor was the speaker you mentioned: the IB2i. We're scheduled to receive the review pair in September, although I'm not the person reviewing them -- Aron Garrecht is. On the other hand, as I mentioned in the twenty.24 review, I wasn't the person who was supposed to review the twenty.24, so you never know! . . . Doug Schneider