To Philip Beaudette,

I just bought a pair of the Definitive Technology SM55s after reading your review and auditioning them at Best Buy. During your review, did you find yourself, as I did, discovering sounds that you don't remember hearing on recordings that you know very well? I finally heard the violin on "Many A Mile To Freedom" by Traffic. It was incredible. It's like listening to a band playing rather than listening to a bunch of instruments. Because I own speakers that are three times the price of the SM55s, I keep thinking that my ears are being tricked somehow. That they can't really sound that good because they're inexpensive. I'd rather listen to the SM55s than my Paradigm Studio 60 v.5s.

Thanks for reviewing the SM55s.

Ed Wood

I'm thrilled to hear that you're happy with the StudioMonitor 55s. Yes, I found that they did a very good job at uncovering detail, a factor that for me is very important in a good set of speakers. It's a lot of fun when you get new speakers to hear things in your music collection you didn't realize were there. . . . Philip Beaudette