To Doug Schneider,

Have you heard anything about the SVS Ultras yet? Are they still on their way for a future review? I would really like to hear what you find when they are given a run.

Lloyd Smith

I’m glad your e-mail came in. I confess that my mind hasn't been on review products for the last couple of weeks -- I’m up to my ears in work redesigning this site, which we’re hoping to have online next week if all goes well. Fingers crossed.

Right after that, I’ll give the folks at SVS a call if they haven’t called me . When I spoke to them at RMAF last month, which is where we first saw and reported on these interesting new models, they said they hoped to have a pair of Ultra Towers to me at the end of November so we could get the review process started in a timely fashion. I’m certainly hoping they come through because I think a lot of people would like to know about the Ultras. Currently, the story I wrote about them at RMAF is the most-read piece on SoundStage! Global. . . . Doug Schneider