To Doug Schneider,

Why is it that reviews are not allowed to be printed? The browser locks up on any computer I have tried it on.

Tim Osborne

There are two parts to this answer. First, browser printing using Ctrl-P or a menu option appears to work on Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox, but with varying results -- graphics sometimes end up in weird spots. However, it seems to hang-up on Chrome and we’re not sure why. But that’s not the best way to print; instead, try using the print icon that appears in the top-right part of the article, near where the title is. You should even see it for this one (there's also an e-mail one so you can send the link to friends). That strips out most of the formatting, which allows the article to print properly with most browsers and printers. The only issue is that only the most recent articles have this icon, but we’re currently going back and changing the older ones so they all do. . . . Doug Schneider