PSB Image T6 to Imagine T2

To Doug Schneider,

I read carefully your review of the PSB Imagine T2. Currently, I have the PSB Image T6 run by a PrimaLuna tube amp (34Wpc). I want to upgrade the speakers, which I bought after reading an excellent review at SoundStage! Hi-Fi. The T6es are really hard to beat at their price point and above and I wonder if I will hear a significant difference upgrading to the T2. They look so similar and may also sound similar. I am looking for a tighter, more controlled sound, better imaging, and a not-so-blooming bass even though I like the warmth and the fatigue-free attributes of the PSBs. My budget: up to $3500 at the most. Any advice will be much appreciated.

Thank you,
Herzel Yerushalmi

I think that PSB's Imagine T2 would be a clear step up from the Image T6 in all ways -- looks, build, and sound. The Imagine T2 is a very neutral performer with an ultra-smooth midrange presentation that can actually be compared to very expensive speakers. In comparison, the T6 sounds great for its price, but is not as refined sounding overall as the T2 -- and no one expects it to be, given the difference in price ($3500/pr. for the Imagine T2 versus $1200/pr. for the Image T6). I'm not sure that the T2's bass will be significantly better than the bass from T6, since they're similarly configured, but it should at least be as good or a little better, given that the T2 uses higher-quality drive units and has a more robust cabinet. Paul Barton has taken a significant step forward with the latest Imagine and Synchrony models, creating speakers that are very neutral, yet highly musical and built extremely well.

The only thing I worry about is whether your amplifier will drive them well -- 34Wpc isn't much. On the other hand, compatibility will depend a lot on your room size and how loud you like to play your music. You also seem quite happy with the way your amp drives your T6es, so that bodes well for the T2s. In the end, I recommend you look seriously at the T2 but, if you can, try the PrimaLuna with the T2s before you buy a pair to make sure it will drive them well -- the last thing you want to do is upgrade your speakers and then find you need to change your amp. . . . Doug Schneider