To Doug Schneider,

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my trials to improve my listening experience. It was very helpful indeed.

You guessed so correctly: I am extremely happy with the PrimaLuna integrated amp. It, in fact, transformed my and my wife's musical experience (matched to a Marantz SA8004 SACD player and Shunyata Guardian 2 conditioner). I wish it had more power than just 34Wpc (with EL34 tubes), but then it would have been much more expensive and beyond our budget.

The speakers are the weak link in my system and that is why I sought your help. Considering the fact that the speakers should be sensitive enough to match the tube amp, what other speakers would you suggest to consider in addition to the PSB T2? I read your comments about Monitor Audio's RX8, but they need more power it seems. Have you had any experience with the Linn Majik 140? I am very grateful to SoundStage! Hi-Fi, to you, and to Philip Beaudette on whose review (July 2010) I based my purchase of PSB’s Image T6 (affordable to me at that time).

Herzel Yerushalmi

I’m certainly glad we've helped you -- that’s why we’re here. Let’s see if this answer helps you out more.

I’m not so sure that the RX8 would need more power than the T2 or what you have now, so you could probably add those to your list. I’ve never been impressed with any of Linn’s speakers, so I certainly can’t recommend their Majik 140. But I can recommend some other speakers. One is the KEF R500, which is a giant killer. The problem with that speaker is it really does need some power to sing. The other two you might want to put on your list are GoldenEar’s Triton Two and Triton Three. What’s interesting about these is that they have self-powered bass sections, which can certainly take the strain off your amp. They’re also quite neutral and refined sounding, so they might suit your current needs. Hans Wetzel recently reviewed the Triton Three for GoodSound! and liked it a lot. . . . Doug Schneider