Classé Audio CP-800 Coming Soon?

To SoundStage! Hi-Fi,

Happy New Year.

Thanks for the comprehensive reviews you brought us in 2012. I wish you continued success in ’13.

I was wondering if you have any plans of review the Classé CP-800 preamp/DAC. I have heard great things from audiophiles about this unit.

At under $5000 USD, it’d be a great bargain if all the chatter turns out to be correct.


It’s funny you should ask about Classé Audio’s CP-800 -- right now we’re doing final formatting of Aron Garrecht’s review of it, which will appear on this site on February 1. I can tell you this: Aron liked it a lot. So it’s obviously worth checking back in about a week to read the review. But if you don’t want to wait until then, I suggest visiting our new site, well, daily, if not hourly. Quite often we “leak” links to unpublished reviews there (as headlines) so that regular visitors to that site get the added benefit of being able to read some of our reviews before anyone else does. . . . Doug Schneider