To Doug Schneider,

I wrote approximately four months ago asking about the Focal Electra 1008 Be 2. I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to review them. The review is a fair one -- and I am glad they made your Reviewers' Choice list. The review was consistent with my audition(s).

Thank you again for all the efforts the SoundStage! Network team do to continue providing a voice to our hobby in the digital age.


We always listen to our readers and try to accommodate requests when we can. In this instance, we have to thank Focal’s North American distributor, Audio Plus Services, for shipping the speakers to us for review so quickly when we pointed them to your letter. It was that letter that started this proces. Although I personally considered reviewing the pair, I thought Philip Beaudette was a better fit for them, given the nature of the products he’s reviewed over the last few years. I just talked to Philip the other day and he admires the speaker as much now, if not more, as when he was writing the review. Definitely, it’s a great loudspeaker.

If you have any other suggestions, simply write in to let us know. Thank you. . . . Doug Schneider