To Doug Schneider,

How [does the Music Culture RL21] compare to the Amphion Argon3?


It’s impossible for me to say how the RL21 would compare to the Argon3 unless I had them side by side, which I didn’t when I was reviewing the RL21, and still don’t now. Philip Beaudette reviewed the Argon3 for us way back when, but he didn’t get a chance to hear the RL21, so that doesn't help. But there is certainly a similarity between the RL21 and Argon3 in that both models appear to be topflight two-way, bookshelf-type designs that carry reasonable price tags. In other words, cost-no-object-type sound that many can afford. So, if you’re shopping for new speakers, I suggest considering both, and if you get a chance to hear them side by side, write us back and tell us what you heard. . . . Doug Schneider