Leben and the Mozart Grand SE

To Doug Schneider,

I'm in the hunt for a pair of loudpseakers to match my new Leben CS600 (32Wpc) and came across your review of the beautiful Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand SE published in Soundstage! Hi-Fi in October 2011 with the links to their measurements. I'm not technically minded enough to interpret the impedance and electrical-phase-angle measurements. May I trouble you on what they show about the Mozart Grand SE's sensitivity and ease of drive?


No trouble at all. Our measurements show the Mozart Grand SE’s sensitivity to be 85.5dB (2.83V/1m), which is below average. Its impedance remains around 8 ohms or higher above about 1.8kHz, but it remains mostly under 8 ohms, dipping to as low as 3 ohms, below that frequency, which will make a pair difficult for some amplifiers to drive.

The CS600 isn’t powerful, and from what I know about their designs, they don’t perform well into difficult loads. I suspect the 3-ohm dip that the Mozart Grand SE exhibits could really cause the CS600 grief. You can still try the CS600 with a pair of Mozart Grand SEs and listen to the result, but on paper they don’t seem well matched, so I suspect you’ll have to continue with your hunt. . . . Doug Schneider