To Doug Schneider,

Thanks for your interesting 2009 review of the Harbeth M30. Have you heard the M30.1? I have been thinking of buying these speakers or the Dynaudio Confidence C1s or the Penaudio Cenyas. I have a medium-size room and listen to a wide variety of music, but especially jazz and vocals. Thanks so much for any input you can give.

Charles Klein

Funny you should bring that speaker up. I was just at High End 2013 in Munich and I stopped by the Harbeth booth to admire it. It wasn’t playing, mind you, but I was thinking that we should probably get a pair in for reivew; in fact, I was talking with the North American distributor last year at the TAVES event and he was suggesting a similar thing. The M30 did some special things, especially with voices, so the M30.1 is definitely worth checking out, since designer Alan Shaw said he improved upon the original design substantially. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you how they’d compare to the C1s or the Cenyas, at least not right now, but I do promise to follow up on this. . . . Doug Schneider