To Doug Schneider,

First of all, thank you very much for your review of the PMC twenty.24 loudspeakers!

I did not have the chance to hear a pair yet but, being in the process of trying to find a fine pair of speakers which would suit my tastes, I'm trying not to look at all the contenders in my price range (up to €5000), but, still, try to give some space to speakers I would not have thought of before.

At the moment, I've pretty much decided to try the Salk SongTower Supercharged (which I've also never heard before but can send back), but I really liked the JMR Abcisse (with which I've spent a whole day for testing, along with the smaller Cantabile Supreme, also very nice). I would also really like to have the chance to test the twenty.24 but it's quite hard in southwestern France.

I've never seen any comparisons between these three loudspeakers (or even two of them) and I was wondering if you might have had the chance, through testing or shows, to hear all three and provide some feedback on how you think they might compare.

Have you heard the JMR Abcisse or the Salk SongTower Supercharged and, if it's the case, how do they compare to the twenty.24?

Thanks in advance for any feedback you might provide!

Best regards,
François Dorion

I’ll first break the bad news to you: I’ve heard many speakers over the years, but never anything from Salk or JMR, so I can’t tell you how the PMCs would compare to them. PMC is pretty is easy to find around here, but Salk and JMR aren't in my neck of the woods.

But what might help to know is that for the amount of money you’re willing to spend (€5000 is equivalent to about $6500), you should be able to get an astonishingly good set of speakers. I know you said that you don't want to look at everything out there, but I do encourage you to look beyond only those brands you've picked so far. If you're open to that, keep the models you have in mind on your list, but also consider these brands: KEF, Sonus Faber, Paradigm, PSB, Music Culture, Amphion, Dynaudio, Harbeth, and Focal, to name just some of them. From my experience, these brands all produce top-class designs well worth considering.

Sorry I couldn’t be of help with the specific brands you mentioned, but I hope that what I’ve said does help with your search so that you end up with a great set of speakers. . . . Doug Schneider