To Doug Schneider,

I read your review regarding the Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand SE -- nicely done. Possible you can provide any comments on how the Mozart Grand SE contrasts with Amphion’s Argon3L? Thanks for giving this a look.


Good question! Both speakers are priced in the same ballpark. Philip Beaudette owns the Argons3Ls so I’ve heard them often, since he lives in the same city as me. I’ve also heard that model a number of times at shows. As you mentioned, I reviewed the VA Mozart Grand SE.

The two speakers differ sonically as much as they do visually -- so that’s quite a bit. Neither speaker is the pinnacle of neutrality, but of the two, what I’ve heard at Philip’s place indicates that the 3L leans more that way, meaning no overtly obvious sonic colorations. In comparison, when I reviewed the Mozart Grand SE, it sounded a touch boosted in the meat of the midrange, which allowed it to project voices a little more fully with the music I like to listen to, and its extreme highs were slightly more tipped up, but it still sounded polite enough, probably because it uses a soft-dome tweeter. It’s easiest to say that the Mozart Grand SE sounds a little more "voiced” in the midrange and highs -- skillfully voiced, mind you, which I’ll get to in a moment. I also found the Mozart Grand SE rather warmer and richer sounding, particularly in the midrange, whereas the Argon3L has always sounded more incisive, transparent, and “fast” whenever I’ve heard it. Both speakers generate quite a bit of bass for their respective cabinet sizes, so I think that placement and room effects will play the biggest role when it comes to low-end performance.

Which speaker is right for you will depend mostly on your listening preferences. Philip uses the Argon3Ls as his reference speakers -- I know he admires their overall neutrality and transparency. On the other hand, while I tend to like speakers that toe the line when it comes to neutrality, I found a lot to like about the Mozart Grand SE’s sound, which is why I said it was skillfully voiced -- the pair sounded very good in my room. Incidentally, both speakers have received Reviewers’ Choice awards. Hopefully that helps. . . . Doug Schneider