The Blades Have Arrived!

To Doug Schneider,

On April 7, I sent an email with a question on the KEF Blade speakers. It was posted on the website as "Blade Upgrade: Highs and Lows." I wanted to let you know as a follow-up that yesterday, July 24th, I took delivery of the Blades. All of my concerns regarding room size, amplifier power, bass response, tweeter performance, and everything else have been set aside. Despite not yet being broken in, these speakers sound amazing. My first reaction was basically jaw dropping. While they are large speakers, they do fit my room quite well, their style is in keeping with my décor. And while the bass is not necessarily as deep as a subwoofer, it is the quality of bass that is amazing. Tremendous clarity and power. Lighting fast. The accuracy is remarkable. A soundstage like none I have ever heard before. I cannot wait to see what is in store for me after they break in. I highly recommend these speakers.

Thanks for your reply to my previous inquiry.

With best regards,

I’m jealous -- I’d love to get those speakers in my room. . . . Doug Schneider