To Doug Schneider,

As a follow-up, my Giya G2s have been with me for about 70 hours. They were a touch bloated at first, but as they ran in became faster, tighter, and more dynamic. In a word, fantastic. But then, today, I replaced my Analysis Plus Oval 8 speaker cables with AudioQuest K2 cables. Wow! Amazing what these cables have done: widened soundstage; bigger, tighter, punchier bass and drums; amazing detail and sibilants; tremendous clarity; and lots and lots of air. Next up I will install the Musical Fidelity M8-series monos and preamp. I'm almost afraid of what these speakers will do with the M8 series fueling them.

You were right about the G2's bass. Perhaps not as absolutely extended as the Revel Salon2s, but much tighter and punchier. Punch is the operative word.

My Wilson Sophia-owning friend who listened tonight now wants Giyas.

Ray Farris

Great to hear that you love those speakers, but I’m not surprised -- I still feel the Giya-series speakers represent the state of the art in speaker design right now. And I’m not surprised your friend is looking to trade up to some Giyas, since I’ve yet to hear any Wilson speaker at any price approach the Giya series, or even the Oval B1 or K1 models. The folks at Vivid Audio clearly know what they’re doing. Write back when you have some hours on that Musical Fidelity gear. . . . Doug Schneider