To Doug Schneider,

I've just read your article on the Vivid Audio Giya G2, published February 2012. I agree with everything you said and thought you might like to know about my pair of active Giya G2s.

I've had active systems for 25 years and was looking for a replacement for my aging Linn Isobariks. I stumbled across the article in Stereophile about the K1s and went to see Laurence Dickie about making an active pair. During my visit, I was treated to his demonstration of the G2 and was blown away.

One thing led to another and he agreed to build me a pair of active G2s to run with my Naim Audio active system. He liaised with Roy George at Naim Audio to design a new active crossover for my Naim amps, which Naim built. It was the first active system Laurence had built in the UK. When finished, he came and personally installed the speakers to hear them active. The results were electrifying!

The clarity and bass handling you speak of was greatly improved running the G2s actively and Laurence felt they sounded better than he had ever heard them before.

I run these speakers with a Naim NAC 552 preamp and three Naim NAP 500 power amps.

As far as I know, mine are the only active G2s in the UK and I think only the second in the world.

I thought you might like to know of this . . .


Fascinating story! Thanks for sharing. . . . Doug Schneider