The Magico S5 Review

To Doug Schneider,

I heard that you are reviewing the Magico S5. Has the review been published? Can you tell me about the speaker, particularly how the S5 compares to the Vivid Audio Giya G2? Are there any other speakers you can also recommend?

Your truly,
Richard D.

The Magico S5 review is written, edited, and ready to be published on December 1, so check back then to read what I said about it in relation to the G2 as well as some other loudspeakers. As for what I’d recommend these days, I’ll just say that in the upper price ranges, the best-known companies that seem to be doing the very best work are Vivid Audio, Magico, Rockport Technologies, and TAD. Hopefully, I’ll have a TAD speaker here for review soon. In addition, I also have a speaker from Polymer Audio Research and I like it a lot as well -- you’ll be able to read about that likely on February 1. PAR is not such a well-known company, but they’re certainly doing some interesting things. . . . Doug Schneider