To Doug Schneider,

I very much liked your review of the Aurelia XO Cerica speakers, and am further interested in this loudspeaker. I wanted to see if you might know of the Canadian or US distributor, as I'd like to talk to them further about a possible purchase. I'm having no luck getting a response from Aurelia in Finland directly.

Thanks much and happy holidays!

Tom Haleas

Great to hear that you’re seeking the Cerica out. The pair sounded phenomenal in my room and I’d own them right now if I were in the market to buy some new speakers. I can’t recommend them highly enough. The Cerica is very special sounding.

As far as I know, no North American distributor has been formally appointed for Aurelia, so contact with the company seems prudent. I don’t know why you haven’t gotten a response from Aurelia, but e-mails sometimes get filtered out for various reasons (happens to me all the time). I will direct them to this letter. Plus, I recommend your writing the company again at, as well as their European distributor, Conceptas, at Conceptas was responsible for getting me the pair to review. . . . Doug Schneider