To Doug Schneider,

I love your reviews. In the past I would use them as a supplement to my auditioning. Now, because of where I live, they have become instrumental in my purchasing choices!

I was using an all-Krell system, but their Cipher SACD/CD player was too problematic, enough so that after three units they issued me a refund. That led me to Simaudio’s Moon Evolution 750D DAC/transport. Then, after reading your review, the Moon Evolution 740P preamp. That was the game changer -- it simply transported my system to something I had never heard before! So, I am still using my Krell Evolution 402e amplifier, which, by all accounts, is a sensational amp, but I am curious just what the Moon Evolution 870A may do for me. My dealer is two hours away, but doesn’t have the amp to audition, so you’re it! Any idea when your review may be published? Thanks so much for your help and wonderful reviews!

James Boddy

Glad to hear the reviews are a big help! Here’s what's happening with the 870A: I wanted to have that review ready to be published in December, which was when the 740P review was published, but I received so much review gear over the past six months I got way behind on everything. As you might’ve noticed, I also reviewed the Magico S5 loudspeaker in December. In February, I’ll have a review of Polymer’s MKS loudspeaker. The good news is that the 870A is the next to be written, followed by Ayre’s VX-5 amp. I hope that the 870A will run in March and the VX-5 in April. . . . Doug Schneider