To Garrett Hongo,

I am a happy owner of T+A DAC 8 for a year now and I found your review is the best one out there, completely describing the DAC as it is.

My question is: I've found the DAC 8 is a hard game when it comes to matching power cords. The JPS Labs digital, my usual favorite, resulted in a thin voice. Same with the Black Sand Violet. Up until now the best match is the stock cord.

Did you find a good match?

Thanks in advance,
Özgür Sadik

Thank you for your kind words about my review of the T+A DAC 8. I am glad you found it so in sync with your own estimations. It pleases me that I was able to describe our mutual appreciation of the piece!

As for power cords, I only used a Siltech SPX-800 -- my reference cable for digital gear and preamps. It was terrific.

But I’ve been very curious about these new power cords designed for use with digital gear. Not only JPS Labs, but cable companies such as Audience and Shunyata have come out with their own digital line. Perhaps it’s time for a SoundStage! Hi-Fi review of them?

It is interesting, however, that you've found the stock power cord for the DAC 8 performs better than an aftermarket cable. For my own Auralic Vega DAC (a recent acquisition), for example, the manufacturer recommends the stock cable -- partly because an aftermarket cord with its heavier connector might damage the power socket on the unit. And for the Shindo line of electronics, I know that the manufacturer recommends using their stock cable as well. . . . Garrett Hongo