To Doug Schneider,

I'm sending you this update because I know a review [of the Cambridge Audio Aero 2] is forthcoming on April 1st. I just finished listening to the Cambridge Aero 6es on a budget-gear setup at Peak Audio in Halifax (I live two hours away in Malagash). They compared them to the $9000 B&W floorstanders. Did they beat the B&Ws? No -- more detail and deeper bass [from the B&Ws]. But when they went back to the Aeros, we didn’t care. Everyone (myself and two of my friends -- one who has big Reference 3A floorstanders) just simply enjoyed them.

Lloyd Smith

My review of the stand-mounted Aero 2 will appear on April 1, so I can’t say much yet, but I can tell you right now that it is not only a very good speaker, it’s the budget find of the year right now -- spectacular mids and an overall tonal balance that’s very pleasing to the ears. All told, for $549 per pair, which is what they retail for in the United States, the Aero 2 punches way above its weight. Therefore, I’m not surprised that the Aero 6es held their own against some very expensive speakers, since I suspect they sound similar to the Aero 2, but with more bass, due to the larger cabinet size and dual woofers. . . . Doug Schneider