To Doug Schneider,

The Cambridge Audio Aero 6es have really broken in and are singing. I played my first vinyl on them last night (Shelby Lynne 180 gram, Johnny Cash 180 gram, and a secondhand LP of the Nylons). The Roxan Xerxes never sounded so palatable. It was one of those moments that makes you realize how good vinyl can be.

I do wish I had had a chance to hear the fourth-generation BMR in the new Aeromax 6 (shipping in July). If these juiced-up Aeromax speakers are truly superior and even more musical than the Aeros, dealers may have a problem with them on their showroom floors. Higher-priced speakers will also be a lot harder to sell. I suspect that better internal wiring, better terminals, better crossovers, better internal bracing, and newer drivers (I believe my Aero 6es are generation-three drivers) should give more for the $1500 USD/pr. price. I hope you can get hold of a pair. Happy listening -- and that Willie Nelson CD of To All the Girls . . . is another fine bit of music.

Lloyd Smith

Frankly, I’m not shocked that the Aero 6es sound so good -- the 2s sounded amazing in my room, particularly for their price.

We’re certainly interested as to whether or not the new Aeromax models yield a significant sonic improvement over the standard Aero models (I’m note exactly sure what generation of BMR driver each series has, but, regardless, the Aeromax models supposedly have superior ones, as well as improved parts, as you mentioned). As a result, you can be sure that we’re going to ask for a review pair when they come out -- likely the 6es.

Glad you like the new Willie Nelson release. Here’s another Willie release that I’m currently enjoying that I missed when it was released in 1998: Teatro. I discovered Teatro when I was reading Daniel Lanois’s book, Soul Mining, which was published in 2011 and recounts his life as a record producer. I had no idea Willie had released Teatro, and I had no idea until then that Lanois, of whom I’m a huge fan, produced it. Teatro is available on CD right now, but will also be released on two LPs in early 2015. Wonderful music, great sound. . . . Doug Schneider