Cambridge Audio Aeromax Review Request

To Doug Schneider

I really enjoyed reading your reviews of the standard version of the Cambridge Audio Aero 2 speakers -- thank you very much!

Please, can you also review the new Aeromax versions as well? They are said to have a brand-new, fourth-generation BMR driver; a redesigned crossover; better cabinet bracing; and better wiring and internals. Cambridge Audio states that they offer a marked improvement over their already excellent standard versions! There are two models: the floorstanding Aeromax 6 and the bookshelf Aeromax 2, so please review them both soon!

Very many thanks!
Baz Patel

We covered the new Aeromax speakers at High End 2014 and have already requested review samples. The good news is that we’ll be receiving some. The bad news is that it won’t be until after the summer. . . . Doug Schneider