To Doug Schneider,

I see that you have reviewed the [Simaudio Moon Evolution] 740P [preamplifier] and the [Bryston] 4B SST2 [amplifier]. Both received Reviewers’ Choice awards. Hence, I presume you are the best person to ask. I have the 4B SST2 and am looking for a fine preamp.

I am currently considering the 740P, Hegel Music Systems P20, Ayre K-5xeMP, and Mark Levinson No.326S [preamplifiers].

Do you think the 740P is a good match? Will it sound too analytical and bright?


I reviewed Simaudio’s Moon Evolution 740P preamplifier, but not Bryston’s 4B SST2 amplifier; however, I’m still a good person to ask because I used the amp in my reference system for a long time, so I know it well.

There were two big reasons why I liked the Simaudio Moon Evolution 740P so much when I reviewed it -- its complete neutrality and unbelievable transparency. In other words, it sounds like nothing at all, which, to me, is the highest compliment one can pay to a preamplifier. It simply passes the signal along from the source to the amplifier unadulterated, which is what most people want. So, given that kind of performance, I can’t see why the 740P and your Bryston amp wouldn’t be a good match. I also can’t see the pairing sounding analytical and bright simply because the 740P is in the chain -- as I mentioned, it doesn’t really have any sound to speak of, so it’s only going to reflect the sound of your other components, which I presume, you don’t find bright sounding right now.

Obviously, you have also listed off some fine preamplifier alternatives that are worth looking closely at -- you should probably try to hear them if you can. But if you end up with Simaudio’s Moon Evolution 740P, I think you’ll be very happy. It’s a true reference-caliber preamplifier that is likely to satisfy you for a long time. Let me know what you do. . . . Doug Schneider