Simaudio 740P or EMM Labs PRE2?

To Doug Schneider,

I have been following your reviews for quite a while and I don’t think I can wait for your EMM Labs PRE2 review to come out.

Right now I have a chance to buy a new Simaudio Moon Evolution 740P and the PRE2 used at about the same price.

I read in your 740P review that the PRE2 is more 3D holographic. Well, the 740P did receive the Reviewers’ Choice award, but the PRE2 review is not out yet. Not sure which is the overall better unit.

Where should I put my money? The 740P or the PRE2?


That’s a really tough call because both preamps have considerable strengths, and hardly any weaknesses. It’s one of those things where you wouldn’t be called wrong for going either way.

The main strength of the Simaudio Moon Evolution 740P is that it sounds pretty much like nothing at all, meaning it’s as transparent as almost anything out there, which is why I felt it an outstanding buy for the price (which contributed to it receiving the Reviewers’ Choice award). The 740P also has a considerable number of features that other preamps don’t, such as a zillion increments on its volume control, level adjustments for each input, and others. The PRE2 is very transparent sounding as well, has a decent feature set, but its main strength, at least for me, is having a touch more fullness and body to the sound, which gives music a natural and easy flow. All told, you’re going to have to listen to them, preferably with your own source, amp, speakers, and cables, to determine which you like more.

By the way, you’re wise not to wait for my EMM Labs PRE2 review to come out. Here’s why: The PRE2 that was sent to me wasn’t for review; instead, the company simply sent it so I could hear it with their DAC2X digital-to-analog converter so I could more or less hear what they hear at their factory. All the time I was using it, I knew they were looking to apply some updates to the design and, when done, that’s what I’d review. As a result, a couple of weeks ago I sent the PRE2 back to the company for those updates. From what I understand they’re done updating the PRE2 and about to ship it back to me. That’s the unit I will review, but it won’t be until early 2015 given all the other equipment in my review queue right now. . . . Doug Schneider