Are the Sonus Faber Olympica IIIs All That and More?

To Doug Schneider,

I read SoundStage! every month. In your blog you mentioned that you had the new [Sonus Faber] Olympica IIIs in house and a review is coming in December, as stated in the October SoundStage! Hi-Fi edition.

I heard a pair of Olympica IIIs in a Magnolia Best Buy store last weekend when I was traveling and thought they sounded better than the B&W 802Ds on the floor.

I am considering buying a pair. Any hints on what you think of them? You did use the word “unique!” Is this a recommended component? Do you like them? Are they all that and more?

Best regards,
United States

I can’t say much more about the Olympica III before the review comes out, but I can say that the Italian loudspeaker is well worth seeking out. Its build quality is excellent; its beauty is unmistakable; and its sound is distinct, yet excellent. All told, that makes the speaker “unique.” That’s not to say that it is the only speaker to get at its price point ($13,500/pair), but a serious audiophile would be foolish to pass it by without hearing it first. So, yes, you could say it's all that and, perhaps, more. . . . Doug Schneider