To Doug Schneider,

I love the SoundStage! Network, which I consider to be the place for honest and technically informed reviews. I've also loved your show coverage in the past. However, I've been a bit disappointed with the coverage of the last two events on SoundStage! Global: CEDIA and RMAF. Mr. Butterworth is a very sharp guy, that's not the issue. But the coverage seems to be more a listing of new products, and is lacking preliminary impressions on the sound of the various products, which is the most interesting thing. This is particularly a shame given that Mr. Butterworth has some sharp ears. I also miss the product coverage segment, with detailed pictures of the units.

Thanks again,
United States

Thanks for your feedback -- knowing what readers want helps us make our show reports better.

In fairness to Brent, who is an outstanding audio journalist, our instructions to him were to focus solely on new products, which is exactly what he did. Had we asked him for listening impressions, I’m confident that he would’ve supplied excellent ones. But since he was the sole person covering those shows for us, we wanted him to get the new stuff.

However, Brent will be joining our full team to cover CES 2015, which is held in Las Vegas in January. Our focus will again be new products, but since we will have such a big team there, we will be peppering the report with listening impressions, as well as quite a few more photos. . . . Doug Schneider