Luxman Love

To Doug Schneider,

What a pleasure to read one of the first non-Japanese reviews about one of the three elements that compose at the moment the new Luxman “u” series (preamp, power amp, DAC-CD player). Three months ago, I was so enthusiastic about it (after having read an article in a French audio magazine) that I decided to buy the M-900u [power amplifier] without a listening session as it was not yet imported in EU countries. Let’s say that I would have ordered the two other elements, but the total price was and remains a major obstacle!

However, the M-900u is in good company: directly driven by another Japanese mate, the TAD DA-1000 DAC! It is indeed a great combination and after weeks of sustained utilization the M-900u sounds brilliant in a way that is obviously not far from what you wrote about the preamp (without tone control and loudness option). It seems logical as they share some identical components. I wonder if adding the C-900u would actually enhance the final result.

You can imagine that I am very keen to read your full report to come on the M-900u!


I’m not at all surprised you like the M-900u because I, too, found it to be an incredibly good amp -- so good, in fact, that once I finished reviewing it, I didn’t really want to let go of it. Obviously, I had to let go since the distributor wanted it back. So it’s not here anymore, but look for my review of the M-900u in a month or two.

Frankly, it’s hard to say whether or not adding the C-900u will improve the sound in your system since I have no idea how the DA-1000 sounds plugged directly into the M-900u already, but I can say that the C-900u and M-900u worked incredibly well together in my system, as they should because they’re designed to be companion pieces. As a result, the only thing I can suggest is that you try the C-900u in your system if you can, although I also realize that a loaner might be difficult to locate. But if you do manage to audition it, or even buy it without auditioning, please write me back and tell me what you think. In my opinion, these are very special separate components. . . . Doug Schneider