To Jeff Fritz,

I hope today finds you well. My name is James Trickett and I'm from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I have a 2.1 system and am looking to replace my 2004 Velodyne sub.

I use Naim equipment. I am running line-level input to the sub and line-level out to my amp. I will use the same setup for any new sub. I do not want to change from this configuration.

I have looked at the JL  Audio e112 and just recently saw the Revel B112 reviewed on a forum. The Revel looks interesting simply for the fact that it has a software package that can be used for room integration; however, a special microphone and SPL meter are required in order to be able to use the software. Not bundling the meter and the microphone does not seem to make sense to me.

Given these two subs, which would you recommend? Thank you for your kind advice.

Warm regards,
James Trickett

We've actually reviewed both products that you are considering. I reviewed the e112 on SoundStage! Hi-Fi, and my colleague Roger Kanno reviewed the B112 on SoundStage! Access. Both products are in the top tier of subwoofers offered for under $3000 (the B112's list price), but the JL has the clear advantage in that it is only $1900

I've not had the opportunity to compare the Revel and JL directly, but based on the fact that they both employ a 12" woofer and come from companies with really solid engineering, I would suspect that they would perform similarly in your system.

But again, although there is certainly something to be said for the room-correction software that the Revel employs, the price difference is an even larger consideration in my eyes. The JL Fathom subwoofers are more natural competitors to the Revel B112 in terms of cost. Lastly, I can tell you that the e112 is one heck of a subwoofer. In fact, one of our reviewers, Howard Kneller, uses a pair of them with his mega-buck YG Acoustic speakers. That alone is quite an endorsement. . . . Jeff Fritz