To Doug Schneider,

Amazing [Devialet Phantom] report on SoundStage! Global! Will the Phantom be presented at CES? How could one play LPs on a Phantom system? Are two Phantoms (stereo setup) going to compete with or beat a high-dollar conventional system like we audiophiles have? You’re the only one that I'’ve read that has gotten to hear a dedicated two-channel setup in their listening room.

United States

From what I heard at Devialet’s headquarters two weeks ago, a Phantom-based stereo system has a very good chance of clobbering many “high-dollar” systems, but more listening will be required to know for sure (I’ve already contacted the company about a review, so we’ll see what transpires). As far as I know, both Phantom models will be shown at CES 2015, so many more people will be able to hear them next month.

The question about how to integrate a turntable into a Phantom-based system is a good one. Obviously, a turntable’s output must be digitized and fed into the speakers somehow, so that’s really the issue. I looked around and there are some phono stages that work as analog-to-digital converters as well, so that would probably work. I also suspect that Devialet will introduce a solution since they have had phono stages in their amplifiers since the beginning -- so it makes no sense that they wouldn’t offer a solution here. . . . Doug Schneider