High-Quality Photos

To Doug Schneider,

I would like to commend Soundstage! Network on its CES coverage. Many products were covered, but what really sets SoundStage! apart for me are the high-quality photos. I can really get a sense of what the products look like with the pictures. Photos from other websites appear to have been taken with their four-year-old camera phones.

Great job!


I’m certainly glad to hear that you appreciate the photos because it’s something I take pride in producing -- I take the majority of the photos for the show reports. I have always felt that they make a big difference.

As far I could tell, many journalists at CES were using camera-phone photos or inexpensive point-and-shoot cameras. While these types of cameras can take decent casual pictures, particularly outdoors, they’re not suitable for product shots at a trade show. Worse yet, many of those cameras and camera phones were indeed about four years old. . . . Doug Schneider