To Doug Schneider,

I was so glad to see that someone else thinks as much of this album as I do [Adam Cohen’s We Go Home]. Do you have a list of some other favorites of yours?

United States

No other album released in 2014 resonated with me quite like We Go Home, but I also liked Leonard Cohen’s Popular Problems, Yusuf’s Tell ’Em I’m Gone, and Jack White’s Lazaretto. While away on holidays in the summer, I also discovered the Bossa n’ Stones releases, which date back to 2006. As far as I can tell, there were two discs released that year, but in 2012 both were combined into the two-disc Bossa n’ Stones: 50th Anniversary Edition, which is what I recommend getting, since it has everything the others have and can be found fairly easily. I actually bought them all. But regardless of what you buy, you'll hear easy-going, electronic-based, bossa nova-flavored Rolling Stones covers performed by various artists that you've probably never heard of (I hadn't). The South American label that created the series also released discs featuring other artists (Guns N’ Roses and Madonna, for example), but I like the Stones ones the best, probably because I'm a huge Stones fan. Some might find the overall tone a little too elevator-music-like, particularly because of the wispy female vocals throughout, but the sound captivated me from the first audition and I listened to them almost as much last year as We Go Home. . . . Doug Schneider