1, 3, 5 -- Better Bass from KEF's Bigger Speakers

To Doug Schneider,

I read with interest your review of the KEF Reference 1 loudspeaker. It sounds like a great “little” speaker, but as you point out, it naturally lacks the lower octave.

With that marvelous review it would be really interesting to learn how the floorstanding Ref 3 and 5 models would be rated since I expect them to have the “full” frequency range missing in the Ref 1 model.

I hope I will get an opportunity to hear one of the KEF Reference floorstanders later this year. I have heard a short session with the KEF R900 and R700 and I also found them to lack in coherence.

Best regards,

Coherency definitely wasn’t a problem with the Reference 1 in my room -- utterly seamless across the audioband. That said, I too would love to hear the Reference 3 or 5 to learn what some fleshing out in the bass can do. That, though, isn’t likely to happen, at least for me -- if I review another KEF loudspeaker in the near future, it’ll be the Blade Two, which I have requested. But if you do manage to hear the 3 or 5, drop me a line and tell me your thoughts. . . . Doug Schneider