To Doug Schneider,

Once upon a time you did a review (excellently done for what it is worth) on the PSB Platinum M2 speakers. I recently picked up a pair, in part, because of your thorough and very positive assessment. Given the affordability of these speakers now ($500), I can also pick up a subwoofer (just one due to space limitations and a wife). I was wondering if you have any recommendations for subwoofers you believe would work well with these speakers.

Your assistance and expertise is very much appreciated.

Jon Helton
United States

A number of subwoofers could work with these speakers, which I will touch on below. To me, what is more important is how you set the sub up to blend well with your speakers. Will you use a subwoofer output on a preamp or receiver? Will you use the subwoofer’s built-in crossover? How will you ensure the transition from the sub to the speakers is correct? These are the things to really concern yourself with most because, although the quality of subwoofer you get is obviously important, that’s actually the easy part -- integrating it into your system so the whole thing sounds as one is the toughest part. This is true regardless of what subwoofer you choose.

As for what I like, you could look at a number of brands, including PSB. Some of my favorite brands for subs these days are JL Audio, Paradigm, SVS, REL, and GoldenEar Technology. . . . Doug Schneider