Pioneer Speakers Please

To Doug Schneider,

It would be great to get some measurements on the Pioneer SP-BS22-LR speakers. I’ve seen measurements in Stereophile, but none on distortion. Would you be able to do some on the Pioneers?

United States

I agree that distortion measurements are valuable, though few publications publish them (if they do any measurements at all). I also agree that seeing how that particular speaker performs would be interesting since it sells for only $129.99 USD per pair and was designed by Andrew Jones, who is known for his work on TAD’s speakers, which are very expensive and are considered by many to represent the state of the art.

That said, we don’t have any pairs of those Pioneers here, and we don’t have immediate plans for a review. However, if I do come across a pair, I might pick them up, even if I have to buy them (they’re supposedly available for a song at Best Buy), and take them over to the anechoic chamber at Canada’s National Research Council and see what comes of it, since I would not mind knowing how they measure as well. . . . Doug Schneider