Is the Simaudio Moon Evolution 740P Worthy of Reviewers' Choice?

To Doug Schneider,

I owned the [Simaudio Moon Evolution] 740P and found that the highs are lacking, hence its airiness and details. The bass is also muddy. Overall, it sounded veiled.

I believe the term “transparent” has been grossly misused. Transparent to me means true to the source, nothing added, nothing lacking. Compared to the Luxman and EMM Labs preamps, you have said that it lacked airiness. Another review site has said the same thing, which I agree with.

Regardless of price, how can a preamp costing a hefty $9.5k lack such an important feature, which made it sound veiled, and still be called transparent and given a Reviewers’ Choice [award]?

Hong Kong

Your definition and my definition of transparency match. With Simaudio’s 740P preamplifier inserted into my system, like it is now, it’s like it’s not even there. I cannot hear it do anything to the signal. That, to me, is what makes it a great reviewing tool -- you can hear what the other components are doing. That transparency is also part of why we gave it a Reviewers’ Choice award. I have no idea why it sounded veiled and muddy in your system. . . . Doug Schneider