"All this is crap compared to the Omniwave"

To Doug Schneider,

I noticed your Muraudio review in which you mention that you have a soft spot for omnidirectional loudspeakers. I seem to have the same taste and will never forget the first impression the Bloomline Omniwave made on me two years ago. I was in the city of Tilburg walking on the street, passing a hi-fi shop without really noticing, when I heard the sound coming from the open door. It was not loud, but it grabbed me by the throat because it was so natural and free-flowing and present all over the place. The second time I heard it was when I visited the manufacturer and inventor himself during a small show. I was flabbergasted when the full 3D spectrum of sound came to my ears. What is this? Incredible. Finally my search for the truth was answered.

Well, not all types of recordings sounded perfect. There are some drawbacks as well, but they are diminished once you are confronted with a true sense of presence when a recording by Bloomline was played. More 3D than 7.1 surround or SACD. All this is crap compared to the Omniwave. So I just spontaneously wanted to share this with you. It might interest you.

All the best,
Peter Veth
The Netherlands

Damn right it interests me! Frankly, though, I’d never even heard of the brand until your e-mail came in. I looked at the company’s website, mind you, and what they’re doing seems intriguing, although there’s not much information there. I’m going to look into it more because it reminds me of what Mirage was doing with their Omniguide-based Omnipolar speakers back when. Thanks for the tip! . . . Doug Schneider