Mirage MRM-1, PSB M2, and Modern-Day Comparisons

To Doug Schneider,

I sold my PSB Platinum M2s that I had for a few years. I know you had them and thought highly of them.

This is going back a few years, so you might not even remember. How did the Mirage MRM-1 compare to the PSB M2? I have Energy Veritas 1.8s; I can’t bring myself to sell them. I bought some Ascend Acoustics Sierra-1s. I wanted to try some bookshelf speakers, just something that is less room dominating.

I just happened to come across a review that you did of the MRM-1 -- I never knew Mirage made such a high-end bookshelf. The Mirage MRM-1 intrigued me so much. How would they compare to anything current?

You should do a review of the Ascend Acoustics Sierra-2 with the RAAL tweeter.


Mirage’s MRM-1 goes way, way back -- about 15 years now. If I recall correctly, it was Andrew Welker’s first design for Mirage. Subsequently, he went on to work on all the other Mirage speakers that followed, and was also responsible for their Omnipolar technology, which was really innovative at the time. Today, Andrew is designing speakers for Axiom Audio.

As for the 1.8, Energy was a sister brand to Mirage. They were both owned by Audio Products International, which wound up being sold to Klipsch and, from what I could tell, pretty much gutted insofar as development goes. I don’t blame you for not wanting to get rid of your 1.8s -- Energy made some very good speakers back them.

I can’t remember how the MRM-1 compared to the M2, or if I have ever even thought about it. I also don’t know how the MRM-1 would compare to anything current, since it’s been way too long since I have heard a pair. That said, I suspect that although the MRM-1 might have some enduring qualities, there will likely be modern loudspeakers that outperform it in most respects, since loudspeaker technology has improved considerably in the last 15 years. That’s just a guess, though. Mind you, if you can purchase a pair for very little money, they might become a keepsake like your 1.8s are. . . . Doug Schneider