PSB's T3 at Low and Medium Volumes

To Doug Schneider,

Thank you for the [PSB Imagine T3] review; I always read you with pleasure. My question is: How do these speakers sound at low volumes? In almost all reviews about the PSB T3, I read they have nice bass and dynamics, and good impact at high volumes, but I would also like to know if they sound “complete,” “full,” and enjoyable at low and medium volumes.

I know about the human-ear limits, but I also know that some speakers are better than others in this discipline. Thanks a lot.


It’s true that some speakers need to be pushed hard before they sound any good, almost as if the drivers have to really start to move before their true character emerges.

I apologize for not spelling that out clearly enough in the review, but I will state here that PSB’s Imagine T3 is not one of those speakers that only plays well when a certain volume level is achieved. I played them very loud at times for the review, but most of the time I played them at low levels for background and casual listening, and medium levels for serious listening. Whether the volume was low, medium, or high, the T3’s character did not change at all, at least to my ears. . . . Doug Schneider