To Doug Schneider,

I saw the review on SoundStage! Hi-Fi of the GoldenEar Technology Triton Ones. Very nice, and you are about the only writer who did a comparison to the Definitive Technology Mythos ST-Ls. I would love to hear both speakers side by side, as I am in the market. Any thoughts on this? I have a powered sub, and currently have the Definitive Technology BP7002 speakers and SuperCube 6000 subwoofer. But I want to upgrade. I listen to a variety of music, but mostly pop, rock, and jazz. Any thoughts?

United States

When someone has narrowed their decision down to two speakers, as you have, I normally tell them to go hear both, which I believe is the best advice. After all, it’s not me who has to live with them. In this instance, I’ll encourage you to do that, but I’ll also add that if that’s not possible, I would be inclined to steer you toward the Triton Ones, mostly because of what you own right now.

The BP7002 puts out big, spacious sound, mainly because of its bipolar driver arrangement. The fact that you have the 6000 mixed in probably means you want real bass weight with your music. The One isn’t a bipolar design, but it is a very large speaker that delivers a big and spacious sound, akin to what you are hearing now, but is much more refined sounding. The ST-L sounds spacious, too, but less so than the One. The One also delivers much deeper bass than the ST-L or the BP7002; in fact, it’s likely you won’t even need your subwoofer with the Ones.

Providing I’ve pegged your listening preferences well, you should understand why I’m guiding you to the Triton One if hearing both models is impossible. As I said at the outset, do try to hear both models if you can. . . . Doug Schneider